Message from the Principal - 5th August 2021

​​​Dear Parents / Carers,

Welcome to day 4 of home learning! Thank you for your efforts this week. It has been wonderful to see and hear about the great examples of student learning across all year levels and the high level of support that families have provided our students and our staff. Whilst I understand that it can be tricky juggling the many demands, it is vital that we all continue to commit to the directives to ensure our community remains safe for everyone and to ensure we return to normal life as quickly as possible.

As previously mentioned, at present Highland Reserve State School, like all schools, is following the stronger advice by the Chief Health Officer to have the vast majority of staff working from home with a small skeleton staff remaining at school. All staff working from home are focused on developing and supporting the learning from home program.  

For this reason, we cannot cater for any students who are not the children of the tightest definition of essential workers. We also cannot cater for children whose parents are working at home themselves. Whilst this can be difficult, it is vital that parents do not put the school at risk by not following the guidelines that have been set. My reflection for parents is that if you do not follow the rules that are set, imagine the ramifications if your child was the one to bring COVID-19 into the school and worse again, pick up COVID-19 at school when they should not have been here.    

It is important to know that we are all in this together. In my personal situation, my son in second year university and my daughters in year 10 and 11 are all learning from home. Their day is structured around their learning, but most importantly times throughout the day for them to exercise, do something fun and connect on-line with some friends and extended family. Please make sure your child/ren engage with the learning at home, but most importantly, make sure they are keeping healthy and happy as they navigate this challenging time themselves.  

We look forward to having all students back at school soon (hopefully next Monday). Thank you for all of your efforts with home learning. Try not to stress over things and have comfort in knowing that our teachers will revise concepts and catch up any students’ misunderstandings once they return to school.

Learning from home reminders:

We  also have a number of staff who are available to assist with other issues, including:

General questions / issues:


To complement the home learning program our school is providing, parents can also access additional materials from the Education Queensland learning from home site: Learning at Home website​.

All the best for another great day of learning at home. Keep safe and remain positive. We successfully navigated a five week lockdown last year so I know that we will successfully navigate this week and any further extension if it were to happen.

Take care,

Stephen O’Brien

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Last reviewed 06 August 2021
Last updated 06 August 2021