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​​​​​Chaplaincy Service

Highland Reserve State School employs a Chaplaincy program to service the school community two days a week. It is a government and community funded service, backed by the Parents and Citizens Association, providing support for students, families and staff in three key areas:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

The program at HRSS is headed by Kirsten Forbes. Kirsten's role is to provide a listening ear and a caring presence for children in crisis, and those who just need a friend. Kirsten works from The HIVE in room JP01, located in Lower B Block & is at HRSS on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. She can be contacted by email at​​ or by dropping in to her room on her work days. Students and families can also request for support through Admin and teaching staff.
HRSS values the support of students through the Chaplaincy program to enhance their learning and holistically support their growth and potential. Chaplains help students find a better way to deal with a range of issues including family breakdown, loneliness, anxiety, confusing relationships, peer pressure, bullying, self esteem, grief and other issues. Kirsten is on hand to support students facing difficult issues and collaborates with the Support Team to deliver assistance where needed. The chaplaincy service is provided for all students, staff and their families regardless of race, religion or values. All matters raised are treated in complete confidence without judgement.
The Local Chaplaincy Committee overseeing the service at HRSS are actively involved in forming connections between the school and local churches, businesses and organisations to provide assistance to families in times of need or crisis. This supportive team of people help with the events and fundraisers that raise awareness and funds to continue the service at HRSS.

Getting to know our Chaplain:

Chappy Kirsten lives at Mt Tamborine and loves the community lifestyle.

  • She has 2 older sons.
  • Her husband is also a Chaplain.
  • She loves camping and her favourite spot is Brooms Head.
  • She loves the Broncos and is a very proud Queenslander, especially around State of Origin time.
  • She loves working with children, helping them to achieve and become all they can be.
  • She loves playing handball with the students.
  • It makes her day when a student yells out “hi chappy!”

A message from our Chappy:

I find it very rewarding working with staff and students in their school community. 

Sometimes it is hard for students to connect with others in this community.  They can feel a little isolated, a little lonely and disconnected at times because they feel they are somehow different to everyone else.  So sometimes they just need a friend.  Someone who will listen and be excited about the things they are excited about.

I love supporting and assisting students to develop skills that can help their learning, positive behaviour and social relationships.  I love being involved with the running of programs and activities that help foster inclusivity and a positive culture in the school community.

I am excited about my journey with the Highland Reserve school community and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at​                                 

Last reviewed 26 May 2023
Last updated 26 May 2023