Personalised Learning Pathways

  1. Programs of Excellence: In 2019, Highland Reserve State School launched our Programs of Excellence Pathways in Academics and Music. Students who showcase high levels of skills, knowledge and aptitude will have access to a range of pathways that will extend their thinking. Information relating to the pathways is available on the school website.
  2. iREAD and iSPELL Programs: The iREAD and iSPELL programs are focused, explicit teaching of reading and spelling aligned directly to the needs of students based on their achievement levels. Students are grouped within their class or across their year level according to their reading and spelling goals for focused lessons throughout the week.
  3. Age Appropriate Strategies in Prep: Highland Reserve State School is leading the way in the local area in introducing a new Age Appropriate Strategies approach to the Prep and Year 1 Curriculums. Age Appropriate Strategies present the curriculum in varied and developmentally appropriate ways to young children that ensure they are well engaged and able to undertake the cognitive tasks placed on them. Learning is challenging, fun and future focused.
  4. ACE Elective Programs: Year 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to participate in the ACE Elective Program. Students select an elective program which they engage in one afternoon each week for a Semester. The programs have been established to provide links to Secondary School programs and pathways of Excellence to provide our students the necessary skills to successfully enter these pathways in Year 7.
  5. Differentiation: The teachers at Highland Reserve State School plan for differentiated learning where they teach to the individuals within their classroom as well as the curriculum. This means we are focused on what your child needs and the next steps of their learning.
  6. STEAM Programs: Highland Reserve State School has a dedicated team of staff who coordinate the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programs throughout the school. This team provides opportunities for students to engage in STEAM Club, STEAM challenges and STEAM competitions throughout the year. All students also receive a dedicated specialist lesson every week in Digital Technologies.
  7. Extra-Curricular Programs: A range of extra-curricular programs are on offer to students within the pillars of Academics, Sport, The Arts and Community. Each term, programs are run to allow students to participate in learning that aligns to their interests and areas of expertise.
  8. On-line Learning Tools: Students at Highland Reserve State School have access to a range of technologies and on-line learning tools. Programs such as Mathletics and Literacy Planet allow staff to set tasks at a level that meets the learning needs of every student. These tasks can be set to reinforce learning concepts and to extend high achieving learners.
  9. Competitions and Celebrations: Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to challenge themselves in a range of school and community based competitions and programs. Activities ranging from the Gold Coast STEAM Cup, ICAS Tests, Readers’ Cup, Mathletics Invitational and the Somerset Literature Festival allows our students to enhance their abilities.
Last reviewed 23 October 2019
Last updated 23 October 2019