Principal's Update


Highland Reserve State School Operating Guidelines - Effective Monday 25th May

Dear Parent and Caregivers,

It is with excitement that we welcome back all students to Highland Reserve State School from Monday 25 May 2020. We look forward to seeing all students from this date. 

The purpose of this communication is to support the transition back to school, which will look a bit different as some of the COVID-19 restrictions still remain in place. We all need to continue to play our part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and that is why we continue to follow the advice of the State Government, Queensland Health and the Department of Education.  To ensure we have a safe return of students that enables our school to meet the guidelines and remain open, it is important that all parents adhere to the requirements outlined below.

Students and Learning:

From Monday 25 May 2020, students in all year levels will be able to return to Highland Reserve State School for learning. From this date, teachers will be teaching face-to-face within the classroom environment. Teachers will not be expected to lead dual (face-to-face and home based) modes of teaching and learning from this time.

Student absence due to parent / carer choice:

In this situation, both supervision and continuity of learning are the responsibility of the parent / carer. Parents can access learning content from the Education Queensland site: learning@home website. If choosing to keep their chid home for learning, parents must notify the school office on

On site health and safety measures:

With an increased number of students attending school, the following hygiene measures will be maintained:
  • Unwell students will not be permitted to attend school. Parents / carers will be asked to collect their child from school if showing signs of illness. Normal school processes are to be followed for students absent. 
  • Students will be encouraged to regularly use hand wash and hand sanitiser, particularly before eating. Hand sanitiser will be available in each classroom.
  • Increased cleaning throughout the school, including high touch areas.
  • No assemblies, excursions or sporting programs will be held until permission is received within Education Queensland guidelines.
Queensland Health advises that it is safe to use water bubblers. However, we encourage all students to bring a full water bottle to use during the day. 

Social Distancing Measures:

In order for schools to reopen for all students, the government has made it very clear that physical distancing processes for adults must remain in place. This includes the requirement for adults to maintain a physical distance of 1.5metres from each other at all times. It is also vital that parents do not congregate in areas inside or around the school. For example, it is important that parents do not gather before or after school, in the car park, at drop off or pick up time, outside classrooms or at the school gate.

School specific processes to support our requirement to maintain adult social distancing requirements set by the government include:
  • No face to face meetings will be held between parents and staff for the remainder of this term. Communications are to be kept to email and / or telephone only.
  • Parents are not to enter the school grounds unless absolutely necessary. We request that parents organise a drop off and pick up point with their children outside of the school grounds. Parents entering the school grounds place the entire school at risk of shutting down should the parent be tested positive for COVID-19 or be found to have contact with someone else who has tested positive. By having parents remain off the school site, our school community risk is minimised.
  • The gate at the hall entrance to the school will be locked between 9:30am and 2:55pm. Any parents needing to collect students during the school day must use the front entrance of the school.

Specific year level processes to reduce congestion at start and finish of school and to maintain social distancing between adults:

Prep students:
  • Morning: parents will be permitted to drop off children any time between 8:55am and 9:15am (rolls will be marked by teachers at 9:20am). After 9:20am, students must sign in through the school office. For those parents bringing their chid to school, the drop off point will remain at the Prep gate.
  • Afternoon: parents can collect their child, at the artificial grass area in Prep, at any time between 2:45pm and 3:00pm. Students using the pick-up zone or being collected by After School Care will be released from classrooms at 3:00pm.
Year 1 to Year 6:
  • Morning: students will be permitted to arrive at school between 8:30am and 9:00am (rolls will be marked by teachers at 9:10am). Up to 9:10am, students are to go directly to their classroom. After 9:10am, students must sign in through the school office. For those parents bringing their chid to school, the drop off point must be at one of the external school gates or the drop off zone. If using the drop off zone, parents must not leave their vehicle.  
    • We encourage students to arrive to school as close as possible to the 9:00am start time. Students needing to be dropped off earlier must not arrive prior to 8:30am.
    • Between 8:30am and the start of school, Year 1 to 3 students who are here are to sit and wait in the main undercover area next to the tuckshop.
    • Between 8:30am and the start of school, Year 4 to 6 students who are here are to sit and wait under the Senior Learning Centre.
  • Afternoon: students will depart at the usual time of 3:00pm. Parents collecting students must wait outside school gates. We encourage parents to make use of the carpark near the Prep classrooms (greater capacity to find a park close to 3pm due to the early departure of Prep), the carpark at The Well, and the school pick up zone.

HRSS afternoon pick-up zone reminders:

  • We anticipate an increase in the number of parents using the pick-up zone in the afternoon. Please remember if using the pick-up zone:
    • Drivers must not exit the vehicle.
    • Drivers are only to enter the pick-up zone early if they know that their child/ren are in classrooms close to the area and will be out quickly. It negatively impacts the flow of the area if drivers enter early, then have to wait for children who take their time in arriving.
    • Drivers are not to look for their children as they enter the area. Drivers must maintain focus on the road and continue to move forward. Children must sit and look for their parent’s car and approach it once the car has stopped. Drivers can look for their child once their car has stopped.  
    • Drivers must organise their vehicle to allow their child to enter the car from the footpath. Drivers are placing children’s safety at risk if they require entry from the far side from the footpath.
    • Drivers are to demonstrate courtesy, patience and manners to other drivers when entering and utilising the area.


  • As we start to return to ‘normal’ operations, it will be vital that we transition children back to the routines of the school environment. It will be important that these routines include the correct wearing of the school uniform (including the HRSS jacket for cooler days), appropriate hair styles and behaviour expectations of the school. Whilst we will be supportive of families considering the circumstances and situation we have all been through, it is in the children’s best interests that we all continue to commit to the school rules and expectations.
  • The school tuckshop will remain open on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. There will be no over the counter purchasing. All orders must be made through Flexischools.
  • Please ensure that children bring food items for lunch that they can open themselves. Staff will not handle students’ food items.
  • School office staff can be contacted on 5588 3333 or Please refrain from entering the office area unless absolutely necessary.

Having all students return to school is the outcome everyone in the school community has been hoping for. It is vital that we all play our part in following the guidelines above to ensure we maintain a safe and healthy environment for all community members.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support of the measures we will be taking to ensure Highland Reserve State School remains a safe place for your children.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen O’Brien

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Last reviewed 19 May 2020
Last updated 19 May 2020