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Urgent Child Safety Broadcast for HRSS Parents

​Highland Reserve School Information
Dear Parents/Caregivers,
I am writing to inform you of an incident that occurred yesterday in close proximity to our school and provide you with detail around the incident as well as some suggested strategies and conversations for you to have with your child/children.
The incident involved a white van parked in close proximity to the school. This van was occupied  by a male person with a beard and what appeared to be a shirt with paint on it. The male occupant of the van engaged with the child verbally and made threats to the child concerned. Whilst there was no recorded contact with the child, the child ran away from the site and returned home where this incident was reported to police.
In response to this situation today at a school level we have enacted the following:
  • Teachers briefed children on personal safety signs using the Daniel Morcombe child safety curriculum materials in classrooms.  

  • The Principal met with all students at separate junior and senior assemblies to advocate an awareness of protective behaviour
  • The Principal has informed our staff, students and community of the details of this incident to promote a heightened awareness of child protection
  • Staff have engaged in assisting with increased presence after school in the general proximity of student travel​

It is highly important that in discussing this with children we achieve an awareness of personal safety and don’t create a level of “panic” around this issue. As a community with a shared responsibility around the safety of our children collectively we can ensure that they are well equipped to notice and respond to adverse behaviours. I would encourage where possible that if students are making their way to and from school that consideration is given to travelling in at least a paired arrangement.
“Recognise, React, Report” are the key messages for us to deliver!
I thank you for your time in addressing these key strategies with your children. I encourage you to be vigilant in observing vehicles and persons in and around our school and to use the police link number 131444 to report any suspicious activity or dial 000 if you believe there is any immediate danger.
Kind Regards,
Andrew Cummings